My American Flag dresses (peppermint swirl skirt)


This 4th of July I finally made these beautiful American flag dresses. If I haven’t already told you, the peppermint swirl dress from Candy Castle Patterns is basically one of my favorite patterns. It was actually the first pdf pattern I purchased EVER! Now I own like a 100.  This one is my go to little girl dress pattern. Now, the bodice it comes with is not shown in the pictures posted.  The bodice it comes with is super simple and I recommend everyone use it at least once.  I however feel it is too simple for the skirt. Something this gorgeous needs a beautiful top. Candy Castle also has another bodice with a free mash tutorial on the site as well, called the Marshmallow swirl. I think this bodice is wonderful but you have to buy it separate. The original bodice has buttons along the back (I hate sewing buttons) and flutter sleeves which I’m really not fond of. It kind of reminds me of the white power ranger costume. But I have done the bodice a few times and it has always been a big hit. Anyway, this 4th of July I did all different bodices on all my girls to see which I liked. I loved them all! But since they are from different designers I will do separate reviews. This one is just about the swirl skirt.

The pattern itself is super easy to follow. Like I said, it was my very first dress pattern. It was a huge hit! I made it for Christmas for my 2 girls (before my littlest came along.) Even Santa loved it!  It can be a little intimidating when you open it up but just follow the instructions. After you do the first couple of swirls it’s easy from there. psb3

The skirt can be as full as you want really. You just add more flounces to it. This wont add length though. When I first saw this dress I had this image of it being the perfect pattern for a flag dress for the 4th of July. But this was the first year I brought it to life. The cool part of this dress is that is literally made to swirl and twirl and it looks amazing while you do it. There is even a momma version y’all! I purchased this pattern also in hopes to have a flag dress too but I unfortunately ran out of fabric. Which brings me to the fabric. The fabric I purchased from good old Walmart. The solids were just how I like them, CHEAP! The stars were just a tad more but nothing in regards to the results. The reason I need cheap for this dress ( I splurge on some knits) is because you need A WHOLE LOT! For a momma dress you can imagine much more is needed.  I do dislike how much scrap I have at the end and the shapes of the scrap make them pretty much unusable. But I’m sure there are craftier mommas out there that can use it. I just throw it at my kids. psb4

Because of the bodices I used for these particular dresses, I had to make a big modification to it. Which was figure out a way to use elastic in the back and not the front (let me know if you’re interested in a tutorial for this in the comments.) The original bodice wouldn’t require this. You just gather the skirt and sew to the bodice all the way around accept for the slit for the button. The instructions are great for this part by the way. It was my first button ever sewn and it was much easier than I expected.  The bottom of the dress was done in rolled hem. I believe the pattern has bias tape but I am just not a fan of that. I just stick it in my Juki Serger and I always love the hem. psb6

As you can tell my middle little didn’t cooperate much during this photo session. And my littlest little was napping. But I’ll get her dress photos up soon. Overall, I can’t tell you how much I love this skirt. Everyone that has little girls or sews for them needs this pattern in their pattern volt.

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