Greenstyle No Show Thong

Let me start by telling you that I’m a mom so comfort is a huge factor for me in the clothes that I wear. Basically if I have my kids with me, I need to be comfortable. If by some miracle grandma takes them all, I’ll sacrifice comfort for a little sexy for the husband. But why not both? I think the closest thing to this when it comes to undies that I’ve found was a thong from Victoria Secret that I tried with a  price tag of $10.50 EACH. However, even that one was simple and not really pretty but I’ll admit very comfortable. So when I heard Greenstyle Creations was making a No Show Thong I had to jump on that one. To top it off, its only $6.50 right now!  Allow me to share with you a couple of these bad boys (or girls, whatever.) 20170725_113026

The best part of this pattern is you can make them as simple or as fancy as you want. Either way, they are no show AND comfortable. Believe me, I’ve made 15 already. It is safe to say that I will now replace all the underwear in my drawer. Which is a great thing because rarely do I actually do that. Here are a few points that sold me on this pattern.


  • Its only 2 pages for this pattern. I LOVE THIS! I hate wasted paper. Even more so I HATE putting patterns together.
  • You only sew 4 straight lines. Only 4! Yes you read that right. No fancy stitching, no hemming, no specialty machines, just 4 straight stitches.
  • Easy to read pattern. Seriously awesome for beginner sewers or sewists or whatever you call yourself.
  • Can be sewn with just scraps! This for me was the best. I used both brand new fabric for my 15 pairs AND a bunch of scrap I was planning on just letting my toddler play with.


Pattern and supplies

  • Sizes provided with this pattern range from xs-3xl
  • The pattern does have layers so you don’t have to print all the sizes, just yours.
  • Instructions are clear and step by step pictures are included.
  • You will need a stretch fabric for this that has minimal roll on the edges. I personally used scuba, swim knit, and some cheap knit from a scrap bin that worked fine but had some roll to it.
  • Breathable scrap fabric for liner. I used cotton lycra.
  • I recommend a rotary cutter for this but if you are great with scissors (I’m NOT,) that will work too.
  • pins, stretch needle and thread.
  • stretch lace is optional.

From cut to sew

  • The cuts need to be clean because there is no hem for this (why I need a rotary cutter.) You may also want a new blade for your rotary cutter if yours is dull.
  • You will be cutting at a fold so this will be where you decide what scraps to use. I did use 2 fabrics for one pair so I could use more scrap.
  • The liner is pretty simple and if you like extra lining you can easily extend it.
  • You sew a straight stitch 4x. The liner on both sides, the back and then the crotch. That’s it! EASY!

I can’t stress how easy these are to sew. Every sewing newbie needs to try this. Even the none newbies need this pattern. Check out the new Greenstyle Creations No Show Thong! Don’t believe they are no show? Check out some of the butt shots in their yoga pants on the link below.


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