Essential Tank P4P

So we all have that one shirt that we love. The shirt that makes you look good AND feel Comfortable. Its rare to find these shirts so when you do you wear it all the time and look for more in every color. You may also try to wear it a few times before washing because 1. You’re a mom and are tired of washing clothes and 2. you don’t want to ruin it by washing it too much. Well what if I told you I found that shirt and I made it myself? What if I told you that I can also make that shirt into a dress or a tunic and still feel the same way about it? I bet you want to know what shirt I’m talking about now don’t you? Well regardless I’m going to tell you anyway. It’s the Essential Tank from  Patterns for Pirates. Its amazing! Both of us get so excited to make these and send each other pictures of our newest creation (we do this for everything though.)Blog3

What I love about this Pattern

  • This pattern offers 5 different styles in one! Probably the most versatile pattern we have. I have used it so many time already and have plans for many more pieces of clothing.
  • Its easy! This pattern I believe was the first time I made a neckband. It came out far better than expected and I’ve been getting better ever since. But don’t get me wrong, I have had my share of seam ripping and redoing.
  • The instructions are fool proof! The pictures are actual full colored high resolution photos. Not to mention, P4P has great videos and a fantastic Facebook group to help you out. I totally recommend you join.
  • This shirt is fitted on top to give you a curvy look and loose in the mid section which hides any mommy lumps you don’t want showing. I have plenty. It’s extremely flattering to say the least.
  • Nobody suspects you made it yourself! This for me is something I love! Anyone who knows me will know I made it but I always get an “I love your shirt, where did you get it?” from people I don’t know.



Pattern and supplies

  • Sizes provided with this pattern range from xxs-3xl.
    with this pattern you get 5 options. Shirt, Tunic, curved hem shirt, dress and maxi.
  • The pattern contains layers. This means you don’t have to print all the sizes provided.
  • Depending on your size and your desired outfit you will need 7/8 yd- 2 1/8yd.
    Instructions are clear and step by step pictures are included. Pattern for Pirates has some of the best instructions for a pdf pattern we’ve ever seen. We own almost all of their patterns.
  • The pieces for this are front, back, 2 arm bands and neckband.
    You will need a knit fabric with at least 20% stretch. I love Rayon for my summer dress and shirts. And Double Brushed for my wintery clothes, although I personally get pretty hot in double brushed so it would have to be pretty cold for that.
  • Basic sewing supplies, scissors/rotary cutter, pins, stretch needle and thread.
    You can sew all p4p patterns with JUST a sewing machine. To get a more finished look we like to use different stitch options or a serger and coverstitch. We will show you some of these stitches on another post

From cut to sew

  • You will be cutting a front and back on a fold. I find this helps to salvage more pretty fabrics. Just fold the fabric so that the fabric ends at the same place the pattern does. Whatever I don’t use I save to make a matching scrunchy or headband.
  • I personally like to use the same fabric for dresses on the neck and arm bands. In my opinion it gives it a more dressy look. A solid coordinating color band makes it look more casual.
  • You will need sew along both sides, and both shoulders. Then the bands go on which can be incredibly intimidating when you first start. Heck they still intimidate both of us. (We also like to share our mess ups with each other. lol ) received_10214727412165875
  • I like to try the dress on before I hem because oddly I sometimes feel like its shorter and I would rather just clean up the cut than take off an inch with the hem (the dress I posted has no hem)

Overall this pattern is incredibly easy to follow and is definitely worth a try. We love this shirt for workout clothes, fancy shirts, casual shirts, casual AND fancy dresses. My goal is to have a closet filled with these. Still working on it though. My new goal is to make a few of these for workout shirts so I can get myself to do it. It’s easier when you look cute. Just check her out!  She motivates me. Blog5

Click here to get your essential tank pattern

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