Marjorie Dress Release Blog Tour


It’s finally here! The Marjorie Swing Dress pattern by Hazel and Gather, exclusively at DIBY Club!!  I am so excited to be apart of the Marjorie Swing Dress Release Tour! If that isn’t exciting enough, the pattern is on SALE right now for 7.99 (normally 10.99), AND get 20% off your next purchase of Milly Mae Fabrics!


If you haven’t heard about the Marjorie Swing dress definitely check out my review post on the dress Here. The Marjorie is an incredibly versatile dress. It has different length options, Sleeve options and neck band options. Mix and match for a totally new dress every time. But today I’m going to show you how I transformed the Marjorie swing dress into the Marjorie Swing Tee for even MORE options!! Keep in mind there are many ways to this but this is how I found to be the easiest for me.

As if the Dress wasn’t already gorgeous I wanted something a little shorter to go with some matching leggings and boots. So I decided to put together a little Step by step hack for all of you lovely seamstresses.



What you will need for my hack

  • scissors or rotary cutter
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • pattern paper
  • glue stick


First, Put your pattern together as the instructions tell you on the pattern. DO NOT  adjust for height yet. We will do this together.20170913_212530_HDR

Once you have your pattern all ready we will take the pattern paper and place over it so you don’t need to reprint for your size if you’re wanting to make another version later. I print out all of the sizes just in case I lose weight (I’m hopeful) or if I want to make a special someone a gift, This doesn’t happen often for me because I have a fabric problem, where I don’t want to use it on anyone else besides me and by babies.

We will be tracing the pattern where the knee length version is.


Trace your pattern making sure to trace the adjustment lines as well. We will be adjusting these lines for the long tee version.


We are now going to calculate our adjustment. The pattern will show you how much you will be adding or subtracting from the pattern. We are going to make this adjustment now if you are shortening. If you are lengthening you will instead ONLY lengthen the top adjustment line. Again refer to the pattern for the adjustment calculations.


My pattern must be shortened so All 3 are shortened in accordance to pattern. But this is where we are going to shorten to make it a tee length. To clarify, we are adjusting AGAIN for the tee hack.  To do this we are adjusting only the BOTTOM 2 lines. The top adjustment line will not be touched. This is to ensure the bust fits as it should.

We are going to pinch the adjustments we made prior and once again take away the calculated measurement from only the BOTTOM 2 lines You can Also cut them and glue again to be more precise but I “Ain’t got time for that.”

The measurement will be the SAME measurement you had before. Only we are subtracting AGAIN from the bottom 2 lines.

If you had to lengthen for height you should have only adjusted the top line. You are now SUBTRACTING the same adjustment from the bottom 2 lines.

I just Folded over and glued the pattern down. Glue sticks work really well with pattern paper.


We will now have a very off lines pattern piece. It will NOT be even on the sides so we are going to fix this. You will now line your ruler to create one straight edge using the top adjustment line as a starting line and lining to the last adjustment line and cut.

REPEAT with back pattern piece

I found this length to be perfect for a long tee with leggings. But before you cut into your fabric lay the front pattern on top of you where it will be when finished. If you feel it needs to be shortened decide by how much and divide that by two. Take that measurement away from each of the bottom lines. Keeping your hem allowance in mind.  We DO NOT want to adjust the bust/Top line. We want to keep that piece fitted the way the pattern was intended.

Continue with the pattern instructions.


Thanks for checking my post out! I look forward to seeing everyone’s new creations with Hazel & Gather’s Marjorie Swing Dress! Also, Check out the rest of the Blog Tour!


The Marjorie Blog Tour Schedule
September 18th – Seams Sew Lo | Diskordia’s Curvy Sewing

September 19th – Swimming in a Sea of Estrogen | Mama You Can Make It For Me

September 20th – Stitched by Jennie

September 21st – Crafty Momma Drama

September 22nd – The Needle and the Belle


|The Petite Sewest





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