RAD patterns Fireside Cardigan: Pinterest hack.

Hey everyone! Can you believe we are almost done with October? Is time flying by or what? But thats ok because we are about to start my favorite month of the year, November! It’s my favorite month. See, thanksgiving is actually my favorite holiday. Not only do I host thanksgiving every year but I absolutely love cooking the turkey and pumpkin spice cake and pies from scratch. I also look forward to the moment we all eat dessert and strategize our black friday shopping plans. But mostly, my favorite part is the colors! I love the colors of fall. I also love dressing up in semi warm clothes. It’s Texas, it doesnt get that cold. Regardless, we southern girls like our sweaters and boots too. So for us, I guess you can say sweater weather last a little longer than most because we dont ever really need coats. We need layers because it can be 50 degrees in the morning and then 85 by noon. So we own lots of sweaters.

There is this sweater you have probably seen. I originally saw it on Facebook but it’s also saved on my Pinterest. Its a mother daughter sweater ad and I fell in love. I attempted on remaking it and Not to brag but I think my version is far better. But now I have to work on 3 more for my girls!

I started out by finding a sweater pattern similar to the one I needed. RAD patterns had the perfect cardigan. Even the name fireside cardigan sounds lovely. (I’ve been getting this incredible urge to start the fireplace in my living room but I usually wait until November.) Well, the pattern is great! Super easy to make and Ill be making at least a dozen more without this hack but this particular sweater I wanted to try at least once. So let me show you what I did. For this hack you will need everything the pattern says PLUS flannel fabric for the front pieces. They don’t have to stretch. But try to find something that drapes a little and has the same print on both sides.

Lets start by printing the pattern as the instructions explain. If you are using layers just print your size. I personally print out all of them so I can make them in different sizes for gifts or holiday weight gain. Hey! I’m realistic. But this means I have to trace my size with pattern paper.

There are not many alterations to this hack so dont get scared. Just start by following the instructions to get all your pieces cut. We will be adding 2 inches to the neckband depending on how heavy your flannel is. That is the only alteration to the original pattern pieces. If you feel safer just add a couple more inches and you can trim off what you don’t use before hemming.

After you get all the pieces cut you will now cut out 2 front pieces once again but in flannel. * If you dont want the flannel to be longer than the knit than I would cut 1 inch off the bottom of it. Read on to see what I’m talking about.* I chose a flannel from joanns that I love. Its called perfectly plaid acrylic. You will find it with the rest of the flannel but its noticibly softer. The print and color is the same on both sides as well. Its a good idea to find one that is similar on both sides because both sides will be seen.

After your pattern pieces and your flannel pieces have been cut we are going to hem the flannel pieces. I didnt do this and learned it would have been much easier had I thought of it prior. So im going to save you the time. I chose to do a rolled hem because it was easy and I had already changed my serger thread to black for this sweater and I didnt want to rethread my coverstitch to black. I actually love the way it turned out though.

After you hem the flannel pieces we can begin assemply. You will need lots of pins or clips for this project because you need to make sure 3 layers are in place. Just as the instructions explain we begin by stitching the shoulder seams. You will be sewing through 3 layers. The flannel will be on top, followed by the front pannel then the back. Take special care to ensure all fabrics are facing the correct way. Baste stitch if necessary so as your not seaming ripping later. The knit will most likely be a bit longer than the flannel when sewn because it stretches and the flannel will not. We want to make sure that the extra length is towards the neck. We will use that extra length for the neckband. So start your shoulder seam at the arm arm band side.

Your sweater should look like this when flipped right side out.

Next will be the sleeves as the instructions explain, only the front pannel will have an extra layer. Be sure to pin pin PIN!

Remember, I hemmed after which was harder so the picture below has frayed seams. You can also see that the bottom of the flannel is longer than the knit fabric. I believe this can be prevented if you cut an inch from the original pattern piece before hemming. But I do like the way it was a little longer than the sweater knit.

Next, we will be sewing the side seams and arm. This is where you’ll see your sweater come to life! We are sewing through 3 layers on the side of the sweater and just the 2 layers on the arms.

Now the neckband goes on. Only we are NOT attaching it to the flannel. Just the outer part of the sweater. Be sure your neckband has an extra 2 inches because the weight of the flannel will stretch the sweater a bit in the back.

 Finish the sweater by hemming the bottom and sleeves.

That’s It!!

Be sure to get RAD patterns Fireside Sweater while its on sale for $7. That’s it! I can’t wait to make more sweaters.

Please let me know if you have questions on this hack in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for more crafty ideas, hacks, sewing, etc.


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