2018 Make 9 Challenge Accepted!

Happy 2018 everyone! If you have been on any form of social media this past week, you may have seen that 2017 was deemed as the worst year ever. Last week, I would have agreed 100%! My family and I have had a rough last couple of months, and that right there was the only thing I could reflect on until my husband reminded me of all the wonderful things that had happened this past year. One of my biggest accomplishments was completed in 2017, and I forgot about it. =(  Seriously! Who forgets something epic? My husband and I graduated with our Bachelors in May, with 3 homeschoolers! Talk about chaos!

So the other day, I heard about the make 9 challenge and I knew it was perfect for me and Sierra! Like me,(and I’m sure you as well) Sierra doesn’t get to sew as much as she would like, especially for herself. We both enjoy challenges, especially if they are able to easily fit in with our busy schedules and if it is something we can easily keep track of each other thru text. She always motivates me to do every idea I share with her. I can hear her now, “Do it!” haha So I wanted to make sure she heard about the challenge.

If you haven’t heard about the #2018makenine, it is a challenge to make 9 things you have always wanted to make. It can be something you have put off because it sounded intimidating, or something that requires you to learn a new sewing technique. Or if you are like me, it’s about making 9 things you have never made before and have had those 9 patterns for at least a year. *Insert face palm*

Here are my #2018makenine:

Greenstyle Creations Green Tee is a shirt I have always wanted to make for myself but, never did because I thought I had enough tee patterns already printed. This past year during recent pattern testing’s I have learned that, just because it looks like another designers tee, does NOT mean it is the same.

P4P Sweetheart Top is a top I started last year and gave up. I attached the front and back, tried it on, and threw it away. I felt too fat. I was about 6/7 months PP and not digging my body. I’m not where I want to be physically but I sure am mentally! Can’t wait to give this another go!

P4P Muscle tank is for the hubster of course! I sadly sew the least amount of stuff for him and I am changing that this year! Our spouses need love too! Hehe

M4M Lea Romper was a pattern I bought when my little was around 6 months but, she was too tiny! She is 19 months and the size of a 9 to 12 month old. lol

Ellie andMac: The Be Trendy halter for myself, the Girls 90’s dress for my little and the Sunshine Romper are all patterns I have wanted to try but never got to it.

SUAT Scrundies and Brazi Bra because I desperately NEED more undergarments in my life. I hear these are insanely comfortable.

Sierra is on board the make 9 train! Whoot! Whoot! Check out her list here! I am so pumped! Let’s rock 2018 with style! I cannot wait to see what you all make. Please feel free to leave me your list in the comments!
Happy New Year!
-Danielle AKA The Seam Ripper.

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