Make 9 Challenge 2018

So have you heard of the #2018makenine ? Neither have I. Well I just found out yesterday from Danielle. I thought this was a neat idea. I’m all about making resolutions. I love starting every year with new goals and dreams and it’s just a really exciting time for me. This past year, Danielle and I took our hobby a little further with our blog and testing new patterns. We even got silhouette machines and started adding extra fluff to our crafting. I’ve never sewn so much before and I’m so proud of both of us. We get better and better each time we sew or craft. She is and will probably always be my go to girl when it comes to crafting and I’m sure that wont change anytime soon.

Last year, was also incredibly stressful at times. Hurricane Harvey was something we will never forget. It took a few thunderstorms but I think I’m able to live through one without having flash backs now. I still catch myself standing at the window while it rains watching the water creep up and I start thinking about how close it got that week. That week wasn’t all bad for me though. I was a lucky one. Our house stayed dry and we were all safe. My husband had no choice but to take the week off and we basically just had a staycation. We spent a lot of time together and looking back, it was kind of nice for us. Unfortunately, it was not this way for everyone. Danielle had some loss and so did many friends and family of ours. But our town is doing well and still recovering. But you should have seen how everyone helped each other out. It was amazing.

This year, we have BIG plans though and we are so excited to get started on them. So this #2018makenine challenge is perfect for getting started. We are currently both testing a few patterns that we will be featuring on the blog soon but we want to challenge ourselves to make 9 things that we haven’t tried yet. Something we’ve wanted to do but were too intimidated by or just hadn’t had the time for. So here is mine!

  1. ohhh Lulu’s Chemise– There is just something so lovely about all of her patterns and yet I have yet to try any of them. I want to eventually make EVERYTHING of hers but I’ll settle for this one and panty to match.
  2. Ohhh Lulu’s Lace Panty– Again, her stuff is gorgeous. I can’t wrap my mind around how well her finished items are. Its kind of intimidating to even think about attempting it. BUT that is the point of this right? Anyway, you need to check her stuff out!
  3. P4P Wiggle Dress– this dress is amazing! I can’t wait to try it out. Where am I going to wear it to is a bigger problem for me. lol
  4. P4P Summer Kimono– This is one I really wanted to make a few of last year. But I ended up beginning to test patterns for designers and than I blinked and Thanksgiving was here and Christmas. Time really just got away from me these last few months. But I plan to do a few of these for spring. So wish me luck!
  5. P4P SOS pants– I have an obsession with P4P apparently. I haven’t tried these either. I saw someone on the facebook group with a pair of shorts she made from these and I had a dur moment. I thought these were pants. Why didn’t I think they could be shorts? I live in Texas and I wear shorts all the time.
  6. Ellie & Mac’s Fall in Love Sweater– I have these Victoria Secret long sleeve shirts that I love! So much that they are so faded its sad. This sweater looks just like them and I Hope I can make more!
  7. Greenstyle’s Moxi shorts– Again, I love shorts so these could possibly be love. In addition to our craft resolutions I NEED to get in shape. I use to be a trainer long ago. Before my last 2 kids. I’ve lost it since then. But thankfully I know what I have to do to lose the weight. Cute clothes…that’s what I need. hehe
  8. Greenstyle’s Endurance Bra– Have I told you I want to make my own bras? Yes, I do. And since I need to get my butt in shape I’ll need a sports bra too! Wish me luck on this one because this one scares me. Lol Greenstyle has some amazing patterns though. I was lucky enough to test one. I’m hoping this one is
  9. Greenstyles’s tie back tank– So I need a top that will show off my cute new sports bra no? I think so.

There you have it! My #2018MakeNine list


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