DIBY Walker Shorts Release

Spring is here and in Texas we wear shorts in spring, summer and fall (well I do anyway.) This means I need a lot of shorts. I’ve manage to drop a few pounds since New Years which means I fit into some of my old shorts again. Woohoo!!! However, that doesn’t stop me from wanting to try to make my own this year. I’ve come a long way this past year in my sewing so this incredibly exciting to me. I have been sewing for a few years but I don’t think I’ve ever thought about making my own jean shorts. Complete with button and zipper. Guys it is so very possible to do this and the Do It Better Yourself Club made it so easy. I have to say that after this pattern I just can’t believe how helpful they are in so many different ways. Just check their site out and sign up for their newsletter. It’s fantastic!

Back to the shorts. So the pattern itself is so incredibly detailed. I’m talking like video tutorial links, great tips and tricks and great photo steps. When I signed up to test these shorts I didn’t think my shorts would look this good. I’m still in shock! Just look at them!

The pattern also has options for Bermuda shorts and low waist. I chose high waist because it just hides more baby evidence. I learned how to apply a jean button. I also destroyed maybe 4 of them. I’m honestly not even sure the one that stayed is on all the way because that was hard. But it works so far. The zipper tutorial is so amazing. There is actually a link on the pattern to a video where they show you step by step how to create a RTW jean zipper fly. I honestly don’t know if I could have done this without those fantastic add-ons from this company.

Now the instructions for the pattern not only has links for assembly but also fantastic tutorial videos that show you how to grade your patterns to make them fit you perfectly. Also how to create designs on your jean pockets. These tutorials are so great that you can use what you learn on all your favorite patterns. So you don’t miss out on the tutorials subscribe to their YouTube channel! You wont regret it!

What I Love

  • The pattern is easy to follow, complete with video and picture tutorials.
  • The pattern comes with a variety of options to choose from. Create a different style with each pair you make.
  • Stretch denim. I don’t know about you but for me stretch denim is very important. I love having extra room for eating.
  • High waist option. After 3 babies I could use and appreciate that extra coverage.
  • Custom fit. GRADE the pattern! The tutorial in the pattern instructions is fabulous and helps you create a custom pair of shorts that fit you perfectly.

Pattern and Supplies

  • Lengths: Short (4-inch inseam), Mid Length (6.5-inch inseam) and Bermuda (above the knee)
  • Rise: Mid Rise or High Rise
  • Additional Options: Coin pocket and Belt Loops
  • Imperial and metric measurements
  • No trim pages
  • Layers on all pattern files
  • Community sewing support in The DIBY Club Facebook

My Suggestions

I’ve noticed some people have had some concerns and questions about this pattern so I’m going to address a couple here.

The shorts I made are shortened and hemmed rather than rolled. I like shorter shorts for some reason and the length offered was not to my liking. I was easily able to shorten it to length I prefer and hemmed them the way I liked best. So in other words even if you don’t like the options provided it can easily be modified. DIBY are always willing to help you with this as well. But the pattern itself is perfect to teach you how to get started making jeans. Something most of of us never considered. So is it worth it? Yes!

Another concern I’ve read is that the “high waist” option doesnt really look high waisted. I can definitly confirm that the high waist option is not as high as most of my other jean shorts I own. I prefer them to just cover my belly button. This makes my waist appear smaller than it actually is which is why I like them. So for me this will be something I’m hoping I can alter for my next pair. As you can see in the picture above, my belly button is not covered. I’m hoping that the DIBY club will be showing us how we can adjust the crotch length to give it more height. And if I figure it out before hand, Ill be happy to share my findings.

In the end, this pattern is fantastic. I am so glad I was given the opportunity to test it. The pattern Sale starts today and if you sign up for the DIBY club newsletter you can get an additional 15% off your first purchase!

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