Sly Fox Fabrics #MeMadeMay Contest

Hey Everyone!

I cant believe it’s May already! I’ve been really busy the last few weeks. We went on an amazing spring break vacation. We had a beach house for the week in Galveston with friends and family and it was so much fun. We went crab hunting at night and swam all day. We had lots of great food and amazing company. I wish I could go back and live it again.

Unfortunately we are back to our regular routine which isn’t all that bad. I’ve been working on some great stuff lately. Swimsuits, shorts, I have some dresses cut up. I will hopefully get some posts on individual pieces soon. I did however share on Instagram.

But let’s talk about May! There are some great contests going on for ME MADE MAY! So exciting! Pattern companies AND fabric companies are giving away tons of stuff all month long! I cant wait to see what everyone makes!

Sly Fox Fabrics is just one of the fabric companies doing giveaways this month but I want to talk about them because I was given the incredible opportunity to be a seamstress for them.

My first assignment was this gorgeous single brushed poly Reminisce.

It’s a navy blue and copper red color and went great with my hair 😂. Ever since I went Red I find myself constantly trying to match it. Hopefully that need goes away soon or I’ll have to switch colors. It’s a fabulous boho style fabric and I still have a bit left so I’m hopefully going to find something else to make with it.

While being a seamstress for them is great the contest is even better! Sly Fox will be giving away a $20 Sly Fox Fabrics gift cards every day! And, if you participate all week, they will be giving away a $75 SFF gift card every Saturday. Thats not all though! If you participate the entire month, they will be giving away YOUR CHOICE of a serger, coverstitch, or vinyl machine. All you have to do is post a selfie of your Me Made Clothes ANYWHERE, just add the hashtags #MMMaySFF from 5/1/18 and going through 5/31/18. But be sure to check out Sly Fox Fabrics Instagram and Facebook groupfor official rules and details.

I have 2 projects planned this month using Sly Fox Fabrics and I cant wait to get started! I could use a new machine!

Good luck!!!

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