Summer Lists

Hello Everyone!

Summer is almost here! Can you believe it? I can’t! I feel like time is just flying way too fast for me to keep up! As you know, we are a homeschool family. I would love to share some ideas with you. We did this last year and it worked out so well. We usually do nothing all summer long and I really hate that! I wanted to make sure my kids have summers they will always remember. It is very important to me. So last year we made a summer bucket list. We didn’t actually check off everything on the list. We would have but Harvey hit before our summer was over. School was back in session for everyone else but we started a little later because we had a beach house vacation planned. That was totally ruined by Harvey and we missed a couple of items on our list because of it. No worries because we were able to reschedule for spring a few weeks ago and it was fabulous!




Now summer is around the corner! We actually don’t take summer off from school. We instead try to take a couple weeks off and then just add a few extra weeks off during the whole year. So it is school all year round for us. Which is fine because my daughter has a hard time remembering some of the stuff we learn with more than 2 weeks off at a time.

Back to the bucket list…

Summer Bucket list.jpg

So we made our list last summer which was a little different than what I have here because we actually added a trip to Austin and made it more specific for our area. We did thing we would normally never do and we had so many great memories and pictures of it all. I actually meant to get an album made from that summer because we just had so many things to put in it. I highly recommend you try to make a bucket list for you and your family. You wont regret it. Even if you don’t finish the whole list, it is a reminder for you to put on the fridge and spend some extra time with your babies. They are only babies once after all. Believe me when I say that your kids wont let you forget either with it hanging on the fridge.

Just take out a sheet of paper and write a list out with the family before summer starts. Let everyone play a part and come up with some ideas. EVEN DAD! Make this a family list. I am sharing mine with you today. Feel free to use it or get some ideas from it. I will attach the downloadable pdf file for you. There is also a blank one as well.

I also tried this handy checklist idea I found on pinterest. It was basically a list of things your kids have to do before they can play with electronics or watch tv. It worked out so well for us. My kids ended up staying outside way more than the list asked, unless it was miserably hot out there. We used that time to complete some of our bucket list too.

Summer Rule list.jpg

I really hope you guys have a great summer and I hope this helps you make it a great one!

Summer Bucket

Summer bucket list Blank

Summer rule list



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