Sew Many Girls Opens Shop!

Hey everyone!

If you haven’t already seen on Instagram Sew Many Girls opened up shop last week! Custom orders for baby and girls are now available. My available ready ship items are the Walnut baby gowns from Annelaine Patterns. They are super adorable and giving me some serious baby fever. With a little love and French Terry fabric these nightgowns will make your baby oh so cozy! Here is the scoop on the pattern.



I own multiple baby gown patterns. I love features of each one I have and I will probably make different gowns for my shop but there is something about this gown that I really love and that is that it is wider than most other patterns I have. I know I have girls but a couple of my babies were pretty big babies. My biggest being over 9 pounds!!! YIKES! seeing that most baby gown patterns only come with a few different sizes, having that extra room really makes these gowns last longer and fit more comfortable on a bigger baby.

The pattern is similar to many of the other gowns I have in assembly. Which is a great novice sewing project. I found the instructions on the neckband to be a tad bit more difficult so I ran the neckband though my serger and then top stitched for a finished look. It comes with a beanie for the cute little bald heads to keep warm. My middle little was my only bald baby and she ended up growing out blonde curls! It also includes a cute little tie headband. Which I sadly took no pictures of. (I will try to get some up on my next batch.) IMG_0538_instagram

I do think this will be my go to pattern for baby gowns mainly because of the extra room. I do like when my kids can get more time out of certain outfits. Especially the adorable ones.  Check out for more great patterns.

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