Annelaine Bubby & Bee Hoodie& The Styled Magnolia Custom Fabrics

I know it’s still summer, but I have Autumn fever over here. With my shop opening up I’ve had little time to sew for myself. I’ve had more orders than I anticipated and am finishing up with the last of them before I take a little break to work on some sweaters for my girls and I. However, I couldn’t resist trying this pattern first.

Annelaine’s Bubby & Bee Hoodie pattern is a super easy sew with a ton of options! This is my first hoodie. I’m not really sure why but I’ve been intimidated by hoodies for a while. This one I was able to cut out and put together in about an hour. So naturally, I want 10 more for each of us! The heart pocket was the cutest touch and I’m so glad I chose that option. What do you think about those rainbow stripes?

If you follow me on Instagram you saw I just got these gorgeous fabrics from my local custom fabric shop The Styled Magnolia. I am a big supporter of local small businesses so here is my shout out to them. This fabric is gorgeous! The quality is so amazing and the color is bright and beautiful! It is thick and warm but breathable and the moment I felt it, I immediately thought of a hoodie. Thats where the Bubby & Bee Hoodie came into play.

My middle little was the first to see the fabric out of the box. She loves rainbows and Minnie Mouse. So she was pretty excited about seeing those stripes. If you know of any custom Minnie Mouse knits leave me a comment and your affiliate link if you got one! 🙂

If you’re interested in these stripes and florals check out The Styled Magnolia website for the preorder, open now! They are also holding a giveaway for a Serger on their facebook group! So be sure to check that out too!

Annelaine is also doing a sew along and sale for the Bubby & Bee Hoodie, 30% off runs through August 11th (no code needed.) The sew Along starts August 8th. Join the Annelaine facebook group for more details. You can get your pattern HERE! You know I love sales and giveaway!

Happy Sewing!

**This post may contain affiliate links**

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