Rad-Cosplay 2.0

Hey everyone!

 It’s been crazy! Can you believe it’s mid September already? Sounds like a lot of time before Halloween that is, unless your making all the costumes. Than you’re going crazy counting down the days before your next project. But I have some great stuff for you all. First, I tested the new Cosplay 2.0 from Rad Patterns. It was exactly what I needed for my youngest’s Halloween costume.  Also, my oldest says she wants to be a black cat. So I may be using the first version of the Cosplay pattern for that one. It’s pretty much the same as the 2.0 but more fitted. Here is costume number one though!


What do you guys think? Is she not adorable? It’s almost like I have the real live Pooh Bear! The whole family took turns squeezing her because she was just so cuddly. Can you blame us? She adores it as well. She spent a while just walking around and hugging herself and looking in the mirror.


I used a faux fur I got from Joann’s and a scrap sweater knit from Sincerely Rylee. If you haven’t already tried one of her famous sweater boxes you need to! She has amazing taste. All I did for the shirt was use the existing cosplay pattern and cut the sleeves and bottom half. Pretty basic stuff. It fit perfectly over the suit. The pattern is amazing. It has so many additions to make it so different. Including wings and different animal ears for the hood. The cool part is you can just use flannel and buttons and make a pajama. Plus you can do this for EVERYONE because the pattern comes in adult sizes as well.


I have more posts coming up soon. So stick around. I just wanted to share with you what we have been doing so far. I’ll be showing off Christmas pajamas all week next week! I’m so excited about those! New Patterns and new Custom fabric prints are next!

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