Annelaine- Lights Out Lounge

I told you I have been going a little crazy with all the stuff I’ve been working on over here. Just a couple days ago I shared the first Halloween costume (Read it here) that I made and today I’m going to show you the newest pattern from Annelaine. My girls are thrilled with this one!


The Lights Out Lounge is so great! I made a few sets for my two younger girls. The pattern goes up to size 20 in kids which is chest size of 35 inches. This pattern is an all you need type of Pajama pattern. It comes with a very large size range so that you don’t need to keep purchasing bigger size patterns as your babies grow. It has short and long pant legs and sleeves as well as a sleeveless option. It also has a pretty cool color blocking option in the actual pattern. No separate add on. That’s why I love Annelaine, she included so many options in her patterns.


The pattern is a perfect for boys and girls, make it your own by adding vinyl, panels, and great fabrics. I’m also thinking this is going to be our Christmas pajama set for my girls this year! I KNOW IT’S ONLY SEPTEMBER! But these months are flying by! So I’m trying to get a head start!


Here is a good look at how amazing this pattern will be for Christmas! And check out this custom print panel and fabric sent to me from The Styled Magnolia. Read my blog post (HERE) on this amazing new Custom fabric shop near me!. Also don’t forget to purchase the new Lights Out Lounge Pattern from Annelaine while it is on sale for 40% off!


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