The Styled Magnolia Custom Fabric

Christmas is still a few months away, I know. But when you’re a crafter, you know that Christmas preparation is important. How else would you be able to finish all those DIY projects on time? You can’t sew for Christmas without Christmasy fabric right? So let’s talk custom fabric shops and why I love this one. The Styled Magnolia is new custom shop just outside of Houston. That is pretty local to me and I love to support my local small businesses. But I never would have guessed that the quality of these Cotton Lycras would be so amazing!


With any custom fabric shop you have to get your order in before the fabric is printed. This means that the wait is a little longer than most of us are willing to try out. I know that I wasn’t really into the idea of waiting so long for fabric I wanted. But let me tell you. The wait is WORTH it! These cotton lycras are so durable, so gorgeous in color and oh so soft!


Right now the perfectly plaid round is up for grabs. Some retail is available for this round so if you are wanting it fast now is the time, only fabric is extremely limited. Otherwise put your orders in and prepare to fall in love. I also used the rainbow stripes on my Annelaine Bubby and Bee hoodie a few weeks ago. This round however, has tons of gorgeous plaid and coordinates. Preorder is from now to October 7th at The Styled Magnolia website.


Don’t forget to check out The Styled Magnolia Facebook group for more fun inspiration pictures….also, I hear there may be a contest going on *wink wink*

If you’ve ordered from the styled magnolia let me know what you think in the comments!

Dress is Coral from Ckc fabrics and pajama is the new released Lights Out Lounge from Annelaine. Read about it HERE and get your pattern while its on sale HERE

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