Let me start by telling you if you don’t have the Pattern for Pirates Kimono pattern yet, go get it. I owned it for a year before I actually sewed it up. BIG MISTAKE! I decided to sew it up when I made the Made for Mermaids new bra and panties that was released. (Don’t worry, it will have it’s own special post.) While I was waiting for my lace to arrive, I went ahead and made the kimono. It was so simple and fast that I totally kicked myself in the arse for not making it sooner. Luckily for me, Darcey from Sincerily Rylee is doing a contest using one of her mystery boxes. I had everything I needed for the kimono.

It was love.

Seriously, this morning I put it on ever so gracefully after waking up. It was as if my bird friends would be appearing within the moment singing me a song as I gracefully walked to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I felt fancy as fμ€£!

Who would have thought a simple piece of clothing would instantly turn you from wicked step mother to cinderella. Just like that!

As I dance and sang my way to the kitchen, even my little spawn noticed how fancy I was. My oldest ever so kindly asked me why I was in such a great mood. “I apologize my dear child for ruining your morning with my lovely presence.” Damn! I can’t even be in a good mood without being criticized. Never mind that.

I found myself heating a pot of water with my tea pot on the actual stove rather than my microwave 10 times. I even pulled out my fancy dishes for myself while the kids ate off of a napkin. Thats what they get for asking questions.

I was in such a fancy mood that I decided to sit on the couch and pretend that my animal friends were cleaning up after breakfast. Didn’t work. But the few minutes I sat there doing nothing but enjoying my tea made me calm and cool and not a crazy momma.

So here is my point. Every woman needs to own a kimono! Whether you buy it or make it or have an amazing friend to make it for you, you need one. For those days that you just need a pick me up, wrap that kimono around your butt and be fancy AF. It’s like magic.

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Tammy Dress

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is holding up to their new years resolutions! So far I’ve been doing pretty good. I started happy planning and that seems to keep me on a decent schedule. I’ll do a post that soon to show you how happy planning changes lives! Well more like creates an unhealthy sticker obsession hehe. So anyway, one of my resolutions is to stay as active as possible on this blog. So to do this I need to keep on crafting right? Well I decided testing patterns for various pattern designers is what I will be doing more often. This will help me provide some excellent pattern recommendations for my lovely readers as well as, keep me active in sewing.  It also make me take more pictures of my kids because I usually test for them. Two resolutions in one!

So without further ado, my first pattern of the year is the Tammy Dress from Annelaine Patterns. I was given the opportunity to try her pattern out and guys, It’s awesome! I can’t tell you how easy it was from cut to sew! I made 6 and a doll dress. My girls are in love with it and your girls will love it too I promise!


What I love about this pattern

  • Many options for different looks including, Peplum and tunic lengths, circle and gathered skirt, cuffed sleeves, Sleeve tabs, multiple back strap options. The possibilities are amazing with just ONE pattern.
  • It’s incredibly easy! I’m talking like the easiest pattern I’ve used for a dress this cute! It took me a little less than 2 hours to print, tape, cut, and sew the 9month, size 2 and the doll dress. While teaching a lesson to my homeschooler. If you’re a beginner than this is one you need!
  • A0 formats- If you haven’t used A0 than you probably wont understand. But I started using A0 a few months ago and I’m officially in love with them. A0 is a file you can have printed at a copy shop and they give you the full size print. So this means I have about 50 large rolls of patterns in my sewing room. Still working on an organizations solution for that so if you have any ideas that would be great! But seriously, I hate taping patterns together. I now make it a point to only buy patterns with this option.
  • Layered PDF. For those of you who Don’t print A0, layers are incredibly useful and saves a lot of time. This allows you to only print the size you need!
  • Neck band markers! OMGOSH! I never knew how easy a neckband could be if they had shoulder markings. I got a perfect neckband EVERY TIME!
  • Did I mention its easy? Because it is and with three girls I have to sew for I need easy in my life. IMG_9187

Pattern & Supplies

  • US Letter, A4 and A0 Formats
  • Layered PDF
  • Detail Photo Tutorial
  • Grading Guide (if your model falls between sizes)
  • Size Range 9m – 20 (Girls), Doll 15″ and 18
  • Lined or Unlined Bodice
  • You will need knit fabric for the bodice.
  • scissors/rotary cutter & mat
  • sewing machine
  • Thread
  • embellishments if desired
  • pins or clips


From cut to sew

  • There is no sleeve to attach in this pattern. There is only top bodice and skirt. Be sure that you cut correctly if you have directional pattern fabric. Ask me how I know.
  • Sew the shoulder seams
  • This part is not in the directions but I folded the sleeves and clipped them together front facing each other and then sewed the side and arm sleeves together. I just personally find this easier.
  • Add the neckband. I personally clip the shoulder seam markers than the center and then in between each clip to hold in it place.
  • you will then add your choice of back straps
  • top stitch and hem.

That’s it!

I know you’ll love this pattern and I would love to see how you’re dresses come out! Be sure to buy the pattern while its on sale for 40% off from now until January 20th on the Annelaine Pattern site. That’s not all! Join the Annelaine Pattern Facebook group to get an additional 20% off coupon.

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Make 9 Challenge 2018

So have you heard of the #2018makenine ? Neither have I. Well I just found out yesterday from Danielle. I thought this was a neat idea. I’m all about making resolutions. I love starting every year with new goals and dreams and it’s just a really exciting time for me. This past year, Danielle and I took our hobby a little further with our blog and testing new patterns. We even got silhouette machines and started adding extra fluff to our crafting. I’ve never sewn so much before and I’m so proud of both of us. We get better and better each time we sew or craft. She is and will probably always be my go to girl when it comes to crafting and I’m sure that wont change anytime soon.

Last year, was also incredibly stressful at times. Hurricane Harvey was something we will never forget. It took a few thunderstorms but I think I’m able to live through one without having flash backs now. I still catch myself standing at the window while it rains watching the water creep up and I start thinking about how close it got that week. That week wasn’t all bad for me though. I was a lucky one. Our house stayed dry and we were all safe. My husband had no choice but to take the week off and we basically just had a staycation. We spent a lot of time together and looking back, it was kind of nice for us. Unfortunately, it was not this way for everyone. Danielle had some loss and so did many friends and family of ours. But our town is doing well and still recovering. But you should have seen how everyone helped each other out. It was amazing.

This year, we have BIG plans though and we are so excited to get started on them. So this #2018makenine challenge is perfect for getting started. We are currently both testing a few patterns that we will be featuring on the blog soon but we want to challenge ourselves to make 9 things that we haven’t tried yet. Something we’ve wanted to do but were too intimidated by or just hadn’t had the time for. So here is mine!

  1. ohhh Lulu’s Chemise– There is just something so lovely about all of her patterns and yet I have yet to try any of them. I want to eventually make EVERYTHING of hers but I’ll settle for this one and panty to match.
  2. Ohhh Lulu’s Lace Panty– Again, her stuff is gorgeous. I can’t wrap my mind around how well her finished items are. Its kind of intimidating to even think about attempting it. BUT that is the point of this right? Anyway, you need to check her stuff out!
  3. P4P Wiggle Dress– this dress is amazing! I can’t wait to try it out. Where am I going to wear it to is a bigger problem for me. lol
  4. P4P Summer Kimono– This is one I really wanted to make a few of last year. But I ended up beginning to test patterns for designers and than I blinked and Thanksgiving was here and Christmas. Time really just got away from me these last few months. But I plan to do a few of these for spring. So wish me luck!
  5. P4P SOS pants– I have an obsession with P4P apparently. I haven’t tried these either. I saw someone on the facebook group with a pair of shorts she made from these and I had a dur moment. I thought these were pants. Why didn’t I think they could be shorts? I live in Texas and I wear shorts all the time.
  6. Ellie & Mac’s Fall in Love Sweater– I have these Victoria Secret long sleeve shirts that I love! So much that they are so faded its sad. This sweater looks just like them and I Hope I can make more!
  7. Greenstyle’s Moxi shorts– Again, I love shorts so these could possibly be love. In addition to our craft resolutions I NEED to get in shape. I use to be a trainer long ago. Before my last 2 kids. I’ve lost it since then. But thankfully I know what I have to do to lose the weight. Cute clothes…that’s what I need. hehe
  8. Greenstyle’s Endurance Bra– Have I told you I want to make my own bras? Yes, I do. And since I need to get my butt in shape I’ll need a sports bra too! Wish me luck on this one because this one scares me. Lol Greenstyle has some amazing patterns though. I was lucky enough to test one. I’m hoping this one is
  9. Greenstyles’s tie back tank– So I need a top that will show off my cute new sports bra no? I think so.

There you have it! My #2018MakeNine list


  Check out the Seam Rippers Make nine post!

RAD patterns Fireside Cardigan: Pinterest hack.

Hey everyone! Can you believe we are almost done with October? Is time flying by or what? But thats ok because we are about to start my favorite month of the year, November! It’s my favorite month. See, thanksgiving is actually my favorite holiday. Not only do I host thanksgiving every year but I absolutely love cooking the turkey and pumpkin spice cake and pies from scratch. I also look forward to the moment we all eat dessert and strategize our black friday shopping plans. But mostly, my favorite part is the colors! I love the colors of fall. I also love dressing up in semi warm clothes. It’s Texas, it doesnt get that cold. Regardless, we southern girls like our sweaters and boots too. So for us, I guess you can say sweater weather last a little longer than most because we dont ever really need coats. We need layers because it can be 50 degrees in the morning and then 85 by noon. So we own lots of sweaters.

There is this sweater you have probably seen. I originally saw it on Facebook but it’s also saved on my Pinterest. Its a mother daughter sweater ad and I fell in love. I attempted on remaking it and Not to brag but I think my version is far better. But now I have to work on 3 more for my girls!

I started out by finding a sweater pattern similar to the one I needed. RAD patterns had the perfect cardigan. Even the name fireside cardigan sounds lovely. (I’ve been getting this incredible urge to start the fireplace in my living room but I usually wait until November.) Well, the pattern is great! Super easy to make and Ill be making at least a dozen more without this hack but this particular sweater I wanted to try at least once. So let me show you what I did. For this hack you will need everything the pattern says PLUS flannel fabric for the front pieces. They don’t have to stretch. But try to find something that drapes a little and has the same print on both sides.

Lets start by printing the pattern as the instructions explain. If you are using layers just print your size. I personally print out all of them so I can make them in different sizes for gifts or holiday weight gain. Hey! I’m realistic. But this means I have to trace my size with pattern paper.

There are not many alterations to this hack so dont get scared. Just start by following the instructions to get all your pieces cut. We will be adding 2 inches to the neckband depending on how heavy your flannel is. That is the only alteration to the original pattern pieces. If you feel safer just add a couple more inches and you can trim off what you don’t use before hemming.

After you get all the pieces cut you will now cut out 2 front pieces once again but in flannel. * If you dont want the flannel to be longer than the knit than I would cut 1 inch off the bottom of it. Read on to see what I’m talking about.* I chose a flannel from joanns that I love. Its called perfectly plaid acrylic. You will find it with the rest of the flannel but its noticibly softer. The print and color is the same on both sides as well. Its a good idea to find one that is similar on both sides because both sides will be seen.

After your pattern pieces and your flannel pieces have been cut we are going to hem the flannel pieces. I didnt do this and learned it would have been much easier had I thought of it prior. So im going to save you the time. I chose to do a rolled hem because it was easy and I had already changed my serger thread to black for this sweater and I didnt want to rethread my coverstitch to black. I actually love the way it turned out though.

After you hem the flannel pieces we can begin assemply. You will need lots of pins or clips for this project because you need to make sure 3 layers are in place. Just as the instructions explain we begin by stitching the shoulder seams. You will be sewing through 3 layers. The flannel will be on top, followed by the front pannel then the back. Take special care to ensure all fabrics are facing the correct way. Baste stitch if necessary so as your not seaming ripping later. The knit will most likely be a bit longer than the flannel when sewn because it stretches and the flannel will not. We want to make sure that the extra length is towards the neck. We will use that extra length for the neckband. So start your shoulder seam at the arm arm band side.

Your sweater should look like this when flipped right side out.

Next will be the sleeves as the instructions explain, only the front pannel will have an extra layer. Be sure to pin pin PIN!

Remember, I hemmed after which was harder so the picture below has frayed seams. You can also see that the bottom of the flannel is longer than the knit fabric. I believe this can be prevented if you cut an inch from the original pattern piece before hemming. But I do like the way it was a little longer than the sweater knit.

Next, we will be sewing the side seams and arm. This is where you’ll see your sweater come to life! We are sewing through 3 layers on the side of the sweater and just the 2 layers on the arms.

Now the neckband goes on. Only we are NOT attaching it to the flannel. Just the outer part of the sweater. Be sure your neckband has an extra 2 inches because the weight of the flannel will stretch the sweater a bit in the back.

 Finish the sweater by hemming the bottom and sleeves.

That’s It!!

Be sure to get RAD patterns Fireside Sweater while its on sale for $7. That’s it! I can’t wait to make more sweaters.

Please let me know if you have questions on this hack in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for more crafty ideas, hacks, sewing, etc.


Marjorie Dress Release Blog Tour


It’s finally here! The Marjorie Swing Dress pattern by Hazel and Gather, exclusively at DIBY Club!!  I am so excited to be apart of the Marjorie Swing Dress Release Tour! If that isn’t exciting enough, the pattern is on SALE right now for 7.99 (normally 10.99), AND get 20% off your next purchase of Milly Mae Fabrics!


If you haven’t heard about the Marjorie Swing dress definitely check out my review post on the dress Here. The Marjorie is an incredibly versatile dress. It has different length options, Sleeve options and neck band options. Mix and match for a totally new dress every time. But today I’m going to show you how I transformed the Marjorie swing dress into the Marjorie Swing Tee for even MORE options!! Keep in mind there are many ways to this but this is how I found to be the easiest for me.

As if the Dress wasn’t already gorgeous I wanted something a little shorter to go with some matching leggings and boots. So I decided to put together a little Step by step hack for all of you lovely seamstresses.



What you will need for my hack

  • scissors or rotary cutter
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • pattern paper
  • glue stick


First, Put your pattern together as the instructions tell you on the pattern. DO NOT  adjust for height yet. We will do this together.20170913_212530_HDR

Once you have your pattern all ready we will take the pattern paper and place over it so you don’t need to reprint for your size if you’re wanting to make another version later. I print out all of the sizes just in case I lose weight (I’m hopeful) or if I want to make a special someone a gift, This doesn’t happen often for me because I have a fabric problem, where I don’t want to use it on anyone else besides me and by babies.

We will be tracing the pattern where the knee length version is.


Trace your pattern making sure to trace the adjustment lines as well. We will be adjusting these lines for the long tee version.


We are now going to calculate our adjustment. The pattern will show you how much you will be adding or subtracting from the pattern. We are going to make this adjustment now if you are shortening. If you are lengthening you will instead ONLY lengthen the top adjustment line. Again refer to the pattern for the adjustment calculations.


My pattern must be shortened so All 3 are shortened in accordance to pattern. But this is where we are going to shorten to make it a tee length. To clarify, we are adjusting AGAIN for the tee hack.  To do this we are adjusting only the BOTTOM 2 lines. The top adjustment line will not be touched. This is to ensure the bust fits as it should.

We are going to pinch the adjustments we made prior and once again take away the calculated measurement from only the BOTTOM 2 lines You can Also cut them and glue again to be more precise but I “Ain’t got time for that.”

The measurement will be the SAME measurement you had before. Only we are subtracting AGAIN from the bottom 2 lines.

If you had to lengthen for height you should have only adjusted the top line. You are now SUBTRACTING the same adjustment from the bottom 2 lines.

I just Folded over and glued the pattern down. Glue sticks work really well with pattern paper.


We will now have a very off lines pattern piece. It will NOT be even on the sides so we are going to fix this. You will now line your ruler to create one straight edge using the top adjustment line as a starting line and lining to the last adjustment line and cut.

REPEAT with back pattern piece

I found this length to be perfect for a long tee with leggings. But before you cut into your fabric lay the front pattern on top of you where it will be when finished. If you feel it needs to be shortened decide by how much and divide that by two. Take that measurement away from each of the bottom lines. Keeping your hem allowance in mind.  We DO NOT want to adjust the bust/Top line. We want to keep that piece fitted the way the pattern was intended.

Continue with the pattern instructions.


Thanks for checking my post out! I look forward to seeing everyone’s new creations with Hazel & Gather’s Marjorie Swing Dress! Also, Check out the rest of the Blog Tour!


The Marjorie Blog Tour Schedule
September 18th – Seams Sew Lo | Diskordia’s Curvy Sewing

September 19th – Swimming in a Sea of Estrogen | Mama You Can Make It For Me

September 20th – Stitched by Jennie

September 21st – Crafty Momma Drama

September 22nd – The Needle and the Belle


|The Petite Sewest





Marjorie Swing Dress

  The past couple of weeks I’ve been working on my fall wardrobe which isn’t really much different than the wardrobe I have all year round except for the colors. I live in the most humid part of Texas and its basically Summer and summer ALL. YEAR. ROUND. So basically I wear T shirts and dresses and add a sweater on the rare occasion it gets colder than 70 degrees. If it gets colder than 60, I just don’t go outside because that’s crazy.

I do change the type of fabric as well. I like to use a thin cool rayon spandex in the summer for both dresses and shirts. But in the “fall/winter” I pull out the double brushed poly which many times is good enough to wear without a sweater. It keeps you so nice and toasty in the cooler months of the year. Check out this beautiful Double Brushed Poly from Pretty Posh Prints.

20728313_10214789713843378_6626974516336853728_n (3)

       This was my inspiration for the new Marjorie Swing Dress. Yes, it ‘s as comfortable as it sounds. I love my dresses and I love my t-shirts. Why not both? So this dress is great for Rayon, Modal, ITY, Try Blend Jersey, and I used DBP. These fabrics are needed to give it that flowy drape look. It’s fitted bodice and the loose fitted mid section is flattering on all body shapes. It has a wonderful high front and low back hem line in the longer version and a slighter hem in the knee length version. You could easily dramatize this hem line and I will hopefully do this and add some pictures to show you what I mean. OR MAYBE the Seam Ripper (my blogging buddy) will make one and show us .


What We Love About This Pattern

  • The pattern provides 4 different sleeve options, 3 necklines, 2 back options and 2 lengths.
  • It is quick and easy.
  • Shorten the length to wear with leggings and boots! My kind of dress for fall.
  • Lengthen the dress and pop on some heals and you got a fancy dinner date dress.
  • Extremely comfortable. I actually have 2 for pajamas that I made from $1 knit from Walmart. My husband doesn’t think they are sexy though (I’m sad inside.)
  • Its versatile  and that’s what we love!

Pattern and Supplies

  • Pattern is drafted for women that are 5’5. Being the incredibly short people we are (I’m 5’2′ Danielle is like 4ft hah!) it just doesn’t work. But Hazel and Gather graciously made it easy for shorties like us to adjust the height easily! This makes it to where we don’t look like we are wearing a potato sack. Which believe it or not, has happened.
  • Patten contains layers. We pretty much don’t buy patterns unless it does.
  • Pattern calls for Rayon Spandex, ITY, Modal, Triblend, Jersey, DTY.
  • Basic Sewing supplies include: Rotary cutter, scissors, sewing machine or serger, ballpoint needles, iron and thread. In addition it is recommended to use interfacing depending on the neck band option you chose.
  • size chart below


From Cut to Sew

  • The total time it took me to make this dress AFTER putting the pattern together was about 32 minutes from cutting the fabric to putting it on. Not too bad if you decide last minute you have nothing to wear and already have your pattern ready to go.
  • There will be 5 pieces to cut minus interfacing. 4 of these pieces are cut on fold so be sure to keep that in mind when using directional fabrics. You will need about 3 yardss I got away with using 2 with non-directional fabric. But again I’m short.
  • Sewing for me is the fastest part and its where everything comes together. Take extra care with the neckband in this pattern. It is a tad confusing with so many options for the neckband but having those options is great too. Just be sure to follow the instructions and you’ll be fine.


Veronica from Hazel and Gather is a relatively new designer. I had the pleasure of working with her on this dress and she is definitely passionate about this and I look forward to many more of her designs.  Join her facebook group for incredibly gorgeous pictures of the Marjorie Tee Dress and hopefully sneak peaks of future patterns to come!

Get your Marjorie Pattern here!

Stay tuned to check out my Marjorie long tee hack for the blog tour! Perfect for leggings and boots!


Mermaid Legs 

Let me start by telling you I’m a proud Texan. I love my state and my home town. I love my house and all it’s country beauty. I love my Texas family and friends and after Harvey I love it all even more.

The day harvey hit and the week following it was one of the most stressful times of my life. I’m both happy and yet guilty to say my house survived with no damage at all. Even my cars were untouched.  At least that we know of. I can’t say the same for many others however.


That day, my husband thankfully stayed home. I would have been a wreck (even more than I was) had he not been there. I also may not have seen him for days. That day I had to face the fact that my house may very well be under water soon and my babies could possibly be in danger. My local officials made it clear that driving was dangerous. My biggest fear (odd I know) is being trapped in my car with my babies in water. I crindge driving over bridges. I took comfort in the fact that if we had to be in water I would have more control at home.

Why didn’t I leave you may ask?  You first have to understand that living on the coast means you will face hurricanes. Its nothing new. Life doesnt stop when a new hurricane develops. People still need their jobs, people still have bills to pay and companies will remain open through a hurricane. My husband would have went to work had the streets not have been flooded already.  He actually had to work from home. We had the option basically to evacuate when he stopped working, get stuck in traffic trying to get out, and waiting out the storm in a car OR wait it out at home. With 3 kids being strapped in carseats and rushing water in the streets, what would you choose?


All my kids’ life jackets were out, our emergency bag was ready, my important documents where in sealed bags. Diapers in ziplock bags. Air mattress aired up to throw the kids on to get to higher ground.   We were literally preparing to swim out of our house with 3 kids, 2 pugs and a cat . If that wasn’t enough we had a plan for getting on the roof of our house. I never thought I would ever have to experience this. We were having to prepare for the worst. I think we did the best we could. We spent the day looking out the windows watching the ditches fill, then the street, then the yard, and then we decided to start preparing the house.


We started unplugging everything except the TVs and cell phones. My husband finished moving up his guitars and amp. Then it was my turn. I walked into my sewing room, I sat at my chair and I cried. I cried thinking of my kids having to experience something like water coming into our home. About them having to fear swimming in black water in the middle of the night. About losing our dream home we worked so hard and waited so long to finally have. It was a horrible feeling. I slowly started putting away my fabric. As I did, I came accross my mermaid scale fabric that took forever to get my hands on. I smiled thinking how excited I was to get this and then I was sad how I never cut into it because I was too scared to ruin it.

I looked at the pretty blue scales and I decided that if we were going to swim out of this house we were going to have mermaid legs. And so I made 4 pairs of mermaid leggings. One for each of my girls and one for myself. I think I needed them the most now looking back.


My most prized posessions are my children. And even if I lost everything in my home I would be fine if I could bring some comfort to my babies. I knew they were stressed from seeing mommy and daddy stressed. And I knew my 3 little girls (maybe not so much my 6 month old) would love to swim with mermaid legs.

So I cut it. I sewed it up. I watched the water out my window as it got closer and I sewed faster. I stopped to cry a few times but I finished. My babies were going to have mermaid legs if I had to sew until water was at my feet. It never came to that thankfully. I finished. I unplugged my machines and put them up high. I finished moving up my fabric and I brought in my finished leggings.


The look on their faces when we all put on our mermaid legs took the weight off my shoulders. We discussed having to swim outside and how they would all have life jackets had it came to that. We talked about mermaid legs helping us swim better. We laughed about fishes being outside our door. And suddenly we were ok. We were all ok. We continued the night watching Sofia the First and put sheets on that air mattress we blew up and had a mermaid slumber party.

And we survived Harvey


The days after, we had many scary moments. Being near the river was our biggest concern. We didn’t flood but if we were going to, it would be when the river crested. But by then we were able to drive out of here on a sunny day and my kids would be fine. I’m happy to say the water is going down and our home is fine. But I’m guilty because that isnt the case for everyone.

If you could have seen these complete strangers helping everyone they could. If you could have seen businesses giving up their beds and their food to people who lost everything. If you could see how an entire community could pull together to make the best out of a horrible situation, you would see why I love Texas.

And if you can make mermaid legs to help you swim better, you should.


Essential Tank P4P

So we all have that one shirt that we love. The shirt that makes you look good AND feel Comfortable. Its rare to find these shirts so when you do you wear it all the time and look for more in every color. You may also try to wear it a few times before washing because 1. You’re a mom and are tired of washing clothes and 2. you don’t want to ruin it by washing it too much. Well what if I told you I found that shirt and I made it myself? What if I told you that I can also make that shirt into a dress or a tunic and still feel the same way about it? I bet you want to know what shirt I’m talking about now don’t you? Well regardless I’m going to tell you anyway. It’s the Essential Tank from  Patterns for Pirates. Its amazing! Both of us get so excited to make these and send each other pictures of our newest creation (we do this for everything though.)Blog3

What I love about this Pattern

  • This pattern offers 5 different styles in one! Probably the most versatile pattern we have. I have used it so many time already and have plans for many more pieces of clothing.
  • Its easy! This pattern I believe was the first time I made a neckband. It came out far better than expected and I’ve been getting better ever since. But don’t get me wrong, I have had my share of seam ripping and redoing.
  • The instructions are fool proof! The pictures are actual full colored high resolution photos. Not to mention, P4P has great videos and a fantastic Facebook group to help you out. I totally recommend you join.
  • This shirt is fitted on top to give you a curvy look and loose in the mid section which hides any mommy lumps you don’t want showing. I have plenty. It’s extremely flattering to say the least.
  • Nobody suspects you made it yourself! This for me is something I love! Anyone who knows me will know I made it but I always get an “I love your shirt, where did you get it?” from people I don’t know.



Pattern and supplies

  • Sizes provided with this pattern range from xxs-3xl.
    with this pattern you get 5 options. Shirt, Tunic, curved hem shirt, dress and maxi.
  • The pattern contains layers. This means you don’t have to print all the sizes provided.
  • Depending on your size and your desired outfit you will need 7/8 yd- 2 1/8yd.
    Instructions are clear and step by step pictures are included. Pattern for Pirates has some of the best instructions for a pdf pattern we’ve ever seen. We own almost all of their patterns.
  • The pieces for this are front, back, 2 arm bands and neckband.
    You will need a knit fabric with at least 20% stretch. I love Rayon for my summer dress and shirts. And Double Brushed for my wintery clothes, although I personally get pretty hot in double brushed so it would have to be pretty cold for that.
  • Basic sewing supplies, scissors/rotary cutter, pins, stretch needle and thread.
    You can sew all p4p patterns with JUST a sewing machine. To get a more finished look we like to use different stitch options or a serger and coverstitch. We will show you some of these stitches on another post

From cut to sew

  • You will be cutting a front and back on a fold. I find this helps to salvage more pretty fabrics. Just fold the fabric so that the fabric ends at the same place the pattern does. Whatever I don’t use I save to make a matching scrunchy or headband.
  • I personally like to use the same fabric for dresses on the neck and arm bands. In my opinion it gives it a more dressy look. A solid coordinating color band makes it look more casual.
  • You will need sew along both sides, and both shoulders. Then the bands go on which can be incredibly intimidating when you first start. Heck they still intimidate both of us. (We also like to share our mess ups with each other. lol ) received_10214727412165875
  • I like to try the dress on before I hem because oddly I sometimes feel like its shorter and I would rather just clean up the cut than take off an inch with the hem (the dress I posted has no hem)

Overall this pattern is incredibly easy to follow and is definitely worth a try. We love this shirt for workout clothes, fancy shirts, casual shirts, casual AND fancy dresses. My goal is to have a closet filled with these. Still working on it though. My new goal is to make a few of these for workout shirts so I can get myself to do it. It’s easier when you look cute. Just check her out!  She motivates me. Blog5

Click here to get your essential tank pattern

Greenstyle No Show Thong

Let me start by telling you that I’m a mom so comfort is a huge factor for me in the clothes that I wear. Basically if I have my kids with me, I need to be comfortable. If by some miracle grandma takes them all, I’ll sacrifice comfort for a little sexy for the husband. But why not both? I think the closest thing to this when it comes to undies that I’ve found was a thong from Victoria Secret that I tried with a  price tag of $10.50 EACH. However, even that one was simple and not really pretty but I’ll admit very comfortable. So when I heard Greenstyle Creations was making a No Show Thong I had to jump on that one. To top it off, its only $6.50 right now!  Allow me to share with you a couple of these bad boys (or girls, whatever.) 20170725_113026

The best part of this pattern is you can make them as simple or as fancy as you want. Either way, they are no show AND comfortable. Believe me, I’ve made 15 already. It is safe to say that I will now replace all the underwear in my drawer. Which is a great thing because rarely do I actually do that. Here are a few points that sold me on this pattern.


  • Its only 2 pages for this pattern. I LOVE THIS! I hate wasted paper. Even more so I HATE putting patterns together.
  • You only sew 4 straight lines. Only 4! Yes you read that right. No fancy stitching, no hemming, no specialty machines, just 4 straight stitches.
  • Easy to read pattern. Seriously awesome for beginner sewers or sewists or whatever you call yourself.
  • Can be sewn with just scraps! This for me was the best. I used both brand new fabric for my 15 pairs AND a bunch of scrap I was planning on just letting my toddler play with.


Pattern and supplies

  • Sizes provided with this pattern range from xs-3xl
  • The pattern does have layers so you don’t have to print all the sizes, just yours.
  • Instructions are clear and step by step pictures are included.
  • You will need a stretch fabric for this that has minimal roll on the edges. I personally used scuba, swim knit, and some cheap knit from a scrap bin that worked fine but had some roll to it.
  • Breathable scrap fabric for liner. I used cotton lycra.
  • I recommend a rotary cutter for this but if you are great with scissors (I’m NOT,) that will work too.
  • pins, stretch needle and thread.
  • stretch lace is optional.

From cut to sew

  • The cuts need to be clean because there is no hem for this (why I need a rotary cutter.) You may also want a new blade for your rotary cutter if yours is dull.
  • You will be cutting at a fold so this will be where you decide what scraps to use. I did use 2 fabrics for one pair so I could use more scrap.
  • The liner is pretty simple and if you like extra lining you can easily extend it.
  • You sew a straight stitch 4x. The liner on both sides, the back and then the crotch. That’s it! EASY!

I can’t stress how easy these are to sew. Every sewing newbie needs to try this. Even the none newbies need this pattern. Check out the new Greenstyle Creations No Show Thong! Don’t believe they are no show? Check out some of the butt shots in their yoga pants on the link below.


My American Flag dresses (peppermint swirl skirt)


This 4th of July I finally made these beautiful American flag dresses. If I haven’t already told you, the peppermint swirl dress from Candy Castle Patterns is basically one of my favorite patterns. It was actually the first pdf pattern I purchased EVER! Now I own like a 100.  This one is my go to little girl dress pattern. Now, the bodice it comes with is not shown in the pictures posted.  The bodice it comes with is super simple and I recommend everyone use it at least once.  I however feel it is too simple for the skirt. Something this gorgeous needs a beautiful top. Candy Castle also has another bodice with a free mash tutorial on the site as well, called the Marshmallow swirl. I think this bodice is wonderful but you have to buy it separate. The original bodice has buttons along the back (I hate sewing buttons) and flutter sleeves which I’m really not fond of. It kind of reminds me of the white power ranger costume. But I have done the bodice a few times and it has always been a big hit. Anyway, this 4th of July I did all different bodices on all my girls to see which I liked. I loved them all! But since they are from different designers I will do separate reviews. This one is just about the swirl skirt.

The pattern itself is super easy to follow. Like I said, it was my very first dress pattern. It was a huge hit! I made it for Christmas for my 2 girls (before my littlest came along.) Even Santa loved it!  It can be a little intimidating when you open it up but just follow the instructions. After you do the first couple of swirls it’s easy from there. psb3

The skirt can be as full as you want really. You just add more flounces to it. This wont add length though. When I first saw this dress I had this image of it being the perfect pattern for a flag dress for the 4th of July. But this was the first year I brought it to life. The cool part of this dress is that is literally made to swirl and twirl and it looks amazing while you do it. There is even a momma version y’all! I purchased this pattern also in hopes to have a flag dress too but I unfortunately ran out of fabric. Which brings me to the fabric. The fabric I purchased from good old Walmart. The solids were just how I like them, CHEAP! The stars were just a tad more but nothing in regards to the results. The reason I need cheap for this dress ( I splurge on some knits) is because you need A WHOLE LOT! For a momma dress you can imagine much more is needed.  I do dislike how much scrap I have at the end and the shapes of the scrap make them pretty much unusable. But I’m sure there are craftier mommas out there that can use it. I just throw it at my kids. psb4

Because of the bodices I used for these particular dresses, I had to make a big modification to it. Which was figure out a way to use elastic in the back and not the front (let me know if you’re interested in a tutorial for this in the comments.) The original bodice wouldn’t require this. You just gather the skirt and sew to the bodice all the way around accept for the slit for the button. The instructions are great for this part by the way. It was my first button ever sewn and it was much easier than I expected.  The bottom of the dress was done in rolled hem. I believe the pattern has bias tape but I am just not a fan of that. I just stick it in my Juki Serger and I always love the hem. psb6

As you can tell my middle little didn’t cooperate much during this photo session. And my littlest little was napping. But I’ll get her dress photos up soon. Overall, I can’t tell you how much I love this skirt. Everyone that has little girls or sews for them needs this pattern in their pattern volt.