Rad-Cosplay 2.0

Hey everyone!

 It’s been crazy! Can you believe it’s mid September already? Sounds like a lot of time before Halloween that is, unless your making all the costumes. Than you’re going crazy counting down the days before your next project. But I have some great stuff for you all. First, I tested the new Cosplay 2.0 from Rad Patterns. It was exactly what I needed for my youngest’s Halloween costume.  Also, my oldest says she wants to be a black cat. So I may be using the first version of the Cosplay pattern for that one. It’s pretty much the same as the 2.0 but more fitted. Here is costume number one though!


What do you guys think? Is she not adorable? It’s almost like I have the real live Pooh Bear! The whole family took turns squeezing her because she was just so cuddly. Can you blame us? She adores it as well. She spent a while just walking around and hugging herself and looking in the mirror.


I used a faux fur I got from Joann’s and a scrap sweater knit from Sincerely Rylee. If you haven’t already tried one of her famous sweater boxes you need to! She has amazing taste. All I did for the shirt was use the existing cosplay pattern and cut the sleeves and bottom half. Pretty basic stuff. It fit perfectly over the suit. The pattern is amazing. It has so many additions to make it so different. Including wings and different animal ears for the hood. The cool part is you can just use flannel and buttons and make a pajama. Plus you can do this for EVERYONE because the pattern comes in adult sizes as well.


I have more posts coming up soon. So stick around. I just wanted to share with you what we have been doing so far. I’ll be showing off Christmas pajamas all week next week! I’m so excited about those! New Patterns and new Custom fabric prints are next!

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Annelaine Bubby & Bee Hoodie& The Styled Magnolia Custom Fabrics

I know it’s still summer, but I have Autumn fever over here. With my shop opening up I’ve had little time to sew for myself. I’ve had more orders than I anticipated and am finishing up with the last of them before I take a little break to work on some sweaters for my girls and I. However, I couldn’t resist trying this pattern first.

Annelaine’s Bubby & Bee Hoodie pattern is a super easy sew with a ton of options! This is my first hoodie. I’m not really sure why but I’ve been intimidated by hoodies for a while. This one I was able to cut out and put together in about an hour. So naturally, I want 10 more for each of us! The heart pocket was the cutest touch and I’m so glad I chose that option. What do you think about those rainbow stripes?

If you follow me on Instagram you saw I just got these gorgeous fabrics from my local custom fabric shop The Styled Magnolia. I am a big supporter of local small businesses so here is my shout out to them. This fabric is gorgeous! The quality is so amazing and the color is bright and beautiful! It is thick and warm but breathable and the moment I felt it, I immediately thought of a hoodie. Thats where the Bubby & Bee Hoodie came into play.

My middle little was the first to see the fabric out of the box. She loves rainbows and Minnie Mouse. So she was pretty excited about seeing those stripes. If you know of any custom Minnie Mouse knits leave me a comment and your affiliate link if you got one! 🙂

If you’re interested in these stripes and florals check out The Styled Magnolia website for the preorder, open now! They are also holding a giveaway for a Serger on their facebook group! So be sure to check that out too!

Annelaine is also doing a sew along and sale for the Bubby & Bee Hoodie, 30% off runs through August 11th (no code needed.) The sew Along starts August 8th. Join the Annelaine facebook group for more details. You can get your pattern HERE! You know I love sales and giveaway!

Happy Sewing!

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Sew Many Girls Opens Shop!

Hey everyone!

If you haven’t already seen on Instagram Sew Many Girls opened up shop last week! Custom orders for baby and girls are now available. My available ready ship items are the Walnut baby gowns from Annelaine Patterns. They are super adorable and giving me some serious baby fever. With a little love and French Terry fabric these nightgowns will make your baby oh so cozy! Here is the scoop on the pattern.



I own multiple baby gown patterns. I love features of each one I have and I will probably make different gowns for my shop but there is something about this gown that I really love and that is that it is wider than most other patterns I have. I know I have girls but a couple of my babies were pretty big babies. My biggest being over 9 pounds!!! YIKES! seeing that most baby gown patterns only come with a few different sizes, having that extra room really makes these gowns last longer and fit more comfortable on a bigger baby.

The pattern is similar to many of the other gowns I have in assembly. Which is a great novice sewing project. I found the instructions on the neckband to be a tad bit more difficult so I ran the neckband though my serger and then top stitched for a finished look. It comes with a beanie for the cute little bald heads to keep warm. My middle little was my only bald baby and she ended up growing out blonde curls! It also includes a cute little tie headband. Which I sadly took no pictures of. (I will try to get some up on my next batch.) IMG_0538_instagram

I do think this will be my go to pattern for baby gowns mainly because of the extra room. I do like when my kids can get more time out of certain outfits. Especially the adorable ones.  Check out Annelaine.com for more great patterns.

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Flag Dress

Independence day is over but I hope everyone had a great holiday! My girls, husband and I had a great day. We got to show off our flag dresses I was telling you about! They were a hit just like last year. Only this time I got to join in on the fun! I felt like a little girl with the constant urge to spin in circles to show how swirly and cool my dress was. I did it a few times too! This is definitely not the every occasion type of dress but it is fabulous for special days!  I posted a few pictures on Instagram right away so if you’re not already following Sew Many Girls definitely check us out! This week however on the blog I am hoping to answer some questions about the dresses.


This skirt pattern is from Candy Castle patterns and it is called the Peppermint swirl dress. It comes with the pattern for an entirely woven dress. There is also a pattern for women sold separately. While the original pattern is lovely and I have made it many times, I wanted something to compliment the tie front I made for mine. So I purchased a couple of woven girl pattern from LilLuxe Patterns with tie front/back options.


The pattern I used for my dress is a knit top and a mash between the Lucky Lingerie and Aphrodite patterns from RAD Patterns. Attaching this bodice to the gathered woven skirt was pretty simple so I don’t believe a tutorial is needed. Just gather the skirt to match up to the bodice and attach. Almost any gathered woven skirt can go with a knit bodice. Well I have never had any issues doing so.


The bodice is done entirely from the pattern instructions as well as the skirt. The only thing I did was add elastic to the skirt to all 3 of my girls’ dresses. There are a couple of steps I took to do this. Follow my tutorial HERE!

The fabric used for the Peppermint Swirl skirt is plain solid red and white from Walmart. The navy woven stars is from Walmart also. My navy knit was from Girl Charlee. But it was purchase a year ago so I’m not sure if it was available this year. I had to use the cheapest option available to me because the pattern calls for 10 yards of fabric for my dress alone! YIKES!!! I promise it is so worth it.

The swirl skirt pattern is super easy to follow. The instructions are great also. The cutting took me the longest to do and I always manage to sew one flounce backwards. So take your time and think about each flounce as you sew it on. Also, Start these dresses early if you’re making as many as I did.


The bottom of all the Peppermint Swirl dresses are a rolled hem. There are measurements on the pattern however, for Bias tape as well.

I hope this answers all your questions about the dresses. Don’t forget to check out the short tutorial on how I added the elastic to the back of the dresses. Adding Elastic to the Swirl Dress

Happy Sewing!


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Adding Elastic to the Swirl Dress

I hope I answered all your questions on my Flag dress post about all four of the dresses I made for Independence day on my Flag Dress post. If you’re reading this you’re probably interested about how I attached the bodice with the open back. If you chose a bodice with no open back you can just attach the skirt to it the way you would in the pattern. As wonderful as the Peppermint Swirl dress is on its own, I wanted to change the dress a bit. This is after all my 10th peppermint swirl dress now. So here is an example of the back of the dress below.


I’m so happy with the way it came out (My youngest got one just like it) AND BONUS, she fit in it two years in a row. I only had to remake my youngest’s dress along with mine this year. So hopefully you are able to make this dress last for a few years this way.

First, you will want to have your bodice and skirt finished according to the instructions. I have my bodice laying out to on my mat so I can see how long it is. This helps me to figure out how much elastic I want and how much to gather my skirt. *Be sure to finish the edges of your skirt before beginning.


Second, I will clip or pin my skirt half way on each side as  you can see below. I personally prefer using clips because I’m less likely to sew over one on accident and doing that on a serger is BAD news. Ask me how I know. Plus I am less likely to use a bandaid every time I Sew something. I’m a walking accident.

These specific clips are form Amazon. Get yours here! 


Next, you will make a one inch cut on both sides of your skirt where the clips are. Do not cut a seam. This may cause your flounce to detach. Fold down the back side of the skirt down 1 inch and clip along the fold. This will be our elastic casing.


Create your casing by sewing a straight line on the back of the skirt where you folded . Depending on the size of the elastic you are using you will want to sew with enough room for your elastic to fit smoothly.


Next cut your elastic. I cut my elastic 3 inches from the length of the bodice. Below you can see my bodice is 11.5 inches in length so I cut 3 inches smaller than that making the elastic 8.5 inches. You can adjust it accordingly.


Next pin a safety pin to your elastic on one end and pull through your casing. Stitch only ONE Side of the elastic down in the casing and leave the pin on the other end.


You will now baste the front of the bodice by setting your machine at the longest stitch length you can.


Next you will take those handy clips and with right side of bodice on top of right side of skirt you will clip the bodice to the skirt and attach with your machine. If you want a hidden seam you will only sew it to the bodice and not the lining. Fold the lining in and top stitch. I unfortunately don’t have pictures of this at the moment but will get some on my next project.


After the bodice is attached to the skirt you will check fit and adjust the elastic as needed. Attach the elastic on the other side and close up the casing as you did the other side.

And that’s it!


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RAD Patterns CYOD Featuring Sly Fox

**Congratulations to Maria Monaco!! **

Hey Everyone!

I hope you’re all having a great summer so far! I can’t believe the 4th of July is in a week! I finally got to make a flag dress for me and I’m so excited to share it with you but I’ll wait, because this week I want to share my newest creation. It is the CYOD from Rad Patterns.


I have been hooked on RAD patterns this month. My husband and I went on a weekend getaway for the first time in a few years to Palm Beach! My goodness it was amazing! Before I left I set a goal to have a me made outfit and nightgown for every day I was there! I DID IT! And I used all RAD patterns. If you haven’t seen the Aphrodite dress, you need to check it out! It was love for me! I love the front tie so much I mashed it with RAD’s Lucky Lingerie pattern and it was super easy! My featured dress for the CYOD is made with a gorgeous Double Brushed poly floral bodice with a woven Crepon high low gathered skirt. Both fabrics are from Sly Fox Fabrics.

Speaking of Sly Fox Fabrics. If you haven’t heard of them, they are a wonderful little fabric shop that I have been getting most of my fabric from lately. My Aphrodite/Lucky mash up is with their DBP and Woven as well. SlyFox Fabrics also has a Monthly Serger Sweepstakes so be sure to check them out and sign up for that giveaway!


The CYOD pattern will be available at the end of the week! It will include tunic and several dress lengths, several neckline options, and various sleeve lengths. It comes with a gathered skirt (with optional pockets!) With all the different options, the new CYOD will give you about 360 different options NOT including the maternity options! Awesome right? RAD is also releasing a skirt add on pack which will include a gathered tulip skirt and an A-line skirt, both with a different style of pockets and lengths. This means you can get up to 1,710 different styles from this dress.

I know this already sounds awesome but lets keep going! The skirt add-on ALSO pairs perfectly with the date night, leia, aphrodite, and harvest dress patterns!!! That’s right. My favorite dress the Aphrodite will go seamlessly with the skirt pack! Check out mine below!


Can this get any better?


This week all of SewManyGirls subscribers will get the chance to win RAD Pattern’s NEW CYOD pattern, the skirt add on pack AND the sleeve pack! SlyFoxFabrics also wants to share the love by offering the lucky winner a $25 gift card! To Enter, click on the link Below and enter up to 6 times by subscribing to Sew Many Girls and following SMG, RAD patterns and Sly Fox Fabrics on Facebook and Instagram. ONE Lucky winner will get ALL THREE patterns and a $25 GIFT CARD to SlyFoxFabrics.


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Annelaine Firecracker

Hello Everyone

Its Day 7 of Me Made May! I hope everyone is getting the chance to sew all the things! I had this gorgeous Rayon knit floral from Pretty Posh Fabrics that I had no idea what to do with. That’s what I do. I buy fabric that I love without purpose until it reveals it’s purpose on it’s own time. Fabric is magical in that way.  This magical wonder, decided it wanted to wrap it’s lovely self around my kids. So this weekend I decided to make new outfits for all 3 of my girls. They all got a little something different but all using the SAME pattern. Let’s talk about the Firecracker dress from Annelaine patterns.



This dress is so easy to make. I made the short dress and the romper yesterday and the maxi length on Saturday. All within about 3 hours total. They got easier of course after the first one. The Firecracker dress comes with Maxi length, above knee length, and tunic length. You can also purchase the Romper add on pattern. Which I highly recommend. It’s super cute and even has a snap option for the adorable little diaper wearers. If you cloth diaper, go up a size though. Trust me.


The cross back makes this dress very unique to my pattern collection. I don’t have another maxi dress pattern like it. I’m hoping Jennifer releases a firecracker dress for Mom soon! WINK WINK. 


Jennifer at Annelaine patterns is an incredibly talented designer and I’m so excited to try out some of her newer patterns coming out. Also check out my Sunshine Dress Post and Tammy Dress post. All from Annelaine.


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Sly Fox Fabrics #MeMadeMay Contest

Hey Everyone!

I cant believe it’s May already! I’ve been really busy the last few weeks. We went on an amazing spring break vacation. We had a beach house for the week in Galveston with friends and family and it was so much fun. We went crab hunting at night and swam all day. We had lots of great food and amazing company. I wish I could go back and live it again.

Unfortunately we are back to our regular routine which isn’t all that bad. I’ve been working on some great stuff lately. Swimsuits, shorts, I have some dresses cut up. I will hopefully get some posts on individual pieces soon. I did however share on Instagram.

But let’s talk about May! There are some great contests going on for ME MADE MAY! So exciting! Pattern companies AND fabric companies are giving away tons of stuff all month long! I cant wait to see what everyone makes!

Sly Fox Fabrics is just one of the fabric companies doing giveaways this month but I want to talk about them because I was given the incredible opportunity to be a seamstress for them.

My first assignment was this gorgeous single brushed poly Reminisce.

It’s a navy blue and copper red color and went great with my hair 😂. Ever since I went Red I find myself constantly trying to match it. Hopefully that need goes away soon or I’ll have to switch colors. It’s a fabulous boho style fabric and I still have a bit left so I’m hopefully going to find something else to make with it.

While being a seamstress for them is great the contest is even better! Sly Fox will be giving away a $20 Sly Fox Fabrics gift cards every day! And, if you participate all week, they will be giving away a $75 SFF gift card every Saturday. Thats not all though! If you participate the entire month, they will be giving away YOUR CHOICE of a serger, coverstitch, or vinyl machine. All you have to do is post a selfie of your Me Made Clothes ANYWHERE, just add the hashtags #MMMaySFF from 5/1/18 and going through 5/31/18. But be sure to check out Sly Fox Fabrics Instagram and Facebook groupfor official rules and details.

I have 2 projects planned this month using Sly Fox Fabrics and I cant wait to get started! I could use a new machine!

Good luck!!!

DIBY Walker Shorts Release

Spring is here and in Texas we wear shorts in spring, summer and fall (well I do anyway.) This means I need a lot of shorts. I’ve manage to drop a few pounds since New Years which means I fit into some of my old shorts again. Woohoo!!! However, that doesn’t stop me from wanting to try to make my own this year. I’ve come a long way this past year in my sewing so this incredibly exciting to me. I have been sewing for a few years but I don’t think I’ve ever thought about making my own jean shorts. Complete with button and zipper. Guys it is so very possible to do this and the Do It Better Yourself Club made it so easy. I have to say that after this pattern I just can’t believe how helpful they are in so many different ways. Just check their site out and sign up for their newsletter. It’s fantastic!

Back to the shorts. So the pattern itself is so incredibly detailed. I’m talking like video tutorial links, great tips and tricks and great photo steps. When I signed up to test these shorts I didn’t think my shorts would look this good. I’m still in shock! Just look at them!

The pattern also has options for Bermuda shorts and low waist. I chose high waist because it just hides more baby evidence. I learned how to apply a jean button. I also destroyed maybe 4 of them. I’m honestly not even sure the one that stayed is on all the way because that was hard. But it works so far. The zipper tutorial is so amazing. There is actually a link on the pattern to a video where they show you step by step how to create a RTW jean zipper fly. I honestly don’t know if I could have done this without those fantastic add-ons from this company.

Now the instructions for the pattern not only has links for assembly but also fantastic tutorial videos that show you how to grade your patterns to make them fit you perfectly. Also how to create designs on your jean pockets. These tutorials are so great that you can use what you learn on all your favorite patterns. So you don’t miss out on the tutorials subscribe to their YouTube channel! You wont regret it!

What I Love

  • The pattern is easy to follow, complete with video and picture tutorials.
  • The pattern comes with a variety of options to choose from. Create a different style with each pair you make.
  • Stretch denim. I don’t know about you but for me stretch denim is very important. I love having extra room for eating.
  • High waist option. After 3 babies I could use and appreciate that extra coverage.
  • Custom fit. GRADE the pattern! The tutorial in the pattern instructions is fabulous and helps you create a custom pair of shorts that fit you perfectly.

Pattern and Supplies

  • Lengths: Short (4-inch inseam), Mid Length (6.5-inch inseam) and Bermuda (above the knee)
  • Rise: Mid Rise or High Rise
  • Additional Options: Coin pocket and Belt Loops
  • Imperial and metric measurements
  • No trim pages
  • Layers on all pattern files
  • Community sewing support in The DIBY Club Facebook

My Suggestions

I’ve noticed some people have had some concerns and questions about this pattern so I’m going to address a couple here.

The shorts I made are shortened and hemmed rather than rolled. I like shorter shorts for some reason and the length offered was not to my liking. I was easily able to shorten it to length I prefer and hemmed them the way I liked best. So in other words even if you don’t like the options provided it can easily be modified. DIBY are always willing to help you with this as well. But the pattern itself is perfect to teach you how to get started making jeans. Something most of of us never considered. So is it worth it? Yes!

Another concern I’ve read is that the “high waist” option doesnt really look high waisted. I can definitly confirm that the high waist option is not as high as most of my other jean shorts I own. I prefer them to just cover my belly button. This makes my waist appear smaller than it actually is which is why I like them. So for me this will be something I’m hoping I can alter for my next pair. As you can see in the picture above, my belly button is not covered. I’m hoping that the DIBY club will be showing us how we can adjust the crotch length to give it more height. And if I figure it out before hand, Ill be happy to share my findings.

In the end, this pattern is fantastic. I am so glad I was given the opportunity to test it. The pattern Sale starts today and if you sign up for the DIBY club newsletter you can get an additional 15% off your first purchase!

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Annelaine Sunshine Dress

Hey Everyone! Spring is officially here and Easter is just around the corner. If you sew up your daughters special occasion dresses like me, then you are probably working on those gorgeous Easter dresses.

I was tagging along on Annelaine’s Sew-A-Long on Facebook and I’m seeing so many great dresses. You should really check it out. I look forward to doing more sew-a-longs with Annelaine Patterns and they have a lot of great patterns scheduled to release! Let’s talk about their newest pattern though, the Sunshine dress.

This dress Is gorgeous and so very simple to make. I finished it in a couple hours but it looks far more complex than it really is. People will be shocked when you tell them you made it. The pattern is perfect for every little girl, even the older girls. It has a very modest bodice up front and made my oldest look younger than she normally does, which I love. It’s nice having my oldest baby looking younger because she is growing way too fast.

The dress has a couple different options and so far all the ones I’ve seen are just adorable. The back bodice is gorgeous and my favorite part of the dress. It really makes it unique. The buttons can give it a special touch, especially if you’re like me and hoard all the buttons.

I’ve sewn sizes 8, 2T and 12 months and each one fit perfectly with no alterations needed. I do love a pattern that requires no altering. I will say you should definitely mark your button placement while the dress is on though. I tend to think I can do things like that by eye and it’s definitely not the case. So don’t skip that.

Anyway, I’m excited to get started on my own easter dress now and getting some family pictures done for Easter. What patterns are you using for Easter dresses? Let me know in the comments!

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